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Saturday, May 14

What Kerala said

Kerala Assembly Elections 2011 will go down as one of the fiercely competed political tug-of-war India has ever witnessed. Almost like a lengthy Hollywood thriller or rather a T20 game gone down to the wire.

Concludes with red-faced winners staring down the barrel of not one, but a good few potentially lethal cannons, and the beaming losers already licking their lips to do what they do best: make mayhem in the Opposition ranks.

Statistical highlights: 

UDF scrapes through 72- 68
LDF wins 9 districts out of 14, sweeping larger districts with 10+ constituencies. UDF has clear monopoly in just 3 big districts, Malappuram being one of them (thanks to Muslim League)
CPI(M) is the single largest party; Congress lost 49 contested seats (out of 87) when CPI(M) won 45.
Just 1.68 lakh votes seperate LDF from UDF (a miniscule 0.58%)
BJP still unbelievably consistent: 0
Reminds of the odd cricket match where your batsmen made centuries and your bowler took a 5 wicket haul but yet you ended up on the losing side by a brace because of some Duckworth Lewis shit. Kinda South African cricket team jinx.

I'm afraid whoever leads the Commie Opposition may not have to sweat it out much as UDF themselves carry enough ammunition to blow themselves up to smithereens. In other words, I request you guys to let us live a peaceful life in our towns and cities instead of switching into a destructive mode as soon as you wear the other hat.

Nevertheless, there are a few positives amidst all the encircling gloom and confusion while the winners head towards Rajbhavan and then onto the Legislative Complex.

  • UDF will be well aware of the risk factors of this wafer-thin coalition and will be in a self-sustaining mode. How it will affect the equations and governing process of the state is anyone's call but these local parties have amassed Herculean powers to topple this Govt at the drop of a hat. Shambolic. These infinitesimal parties project more real threat to our democratic system than any of those extreme right-wing joints. Like this tweet has a point:
Saju V Ramachandran
Time to wipe out all eerkil parties.This includes A-Z factions of Kerala congress. Cant remember the last political cause they supported

  • Congress has reasons to relax as well. Major troublemaker and nemesis of erstwhile Antony and Chandy Govt has finally yielded to the call of Yamaraj, no disrespect meant. Hoping for a United Congress without the I-Congress and A-Congress dogfights, but last time I checked I heard there was an OC-Congress, a RC-Congress and a VR-Congress. Did I miss anyone? Starfish variety. 

  • Hopefully, and this is a big 'if', MMS and his treasury-plundering jingle bellers will realize that people are not jackasses to silently tolerate all the daylight robbery being white-flagged on those citadels along South Delhi avenues. Make no mistake, people are sick and tired of all this burglary which had repercussions on the minds of neutral voters, leading them to tick en masse the crystal image of VS Achuthanandan yet another time, against Kerala's history of yo-yo political pickings.

  • CPI(M) may very well understand the fact that 'individuals matter', even if it is a stubborn Marxist style cadre-hierarchy set-up. We all know where the Reds would've landed sans VS Achuthanandan. Even with my persistent non-left leanings it's hard not to salute and respect this person, a personification of honesty, selflessness and social-committment unlike any of our generation. The fact that VS chose to fast for Endosulfan-ban days after voting ended is a testimony to his commitment to people, not just to his party.

  • BJP, you still around? Personally disappointed with Rajagopal's loss at Nemom but it's pretty clear why BJP loses out big time. Lack of strong, influential leaders resulting in a disjointed, undisciplined and direction-less party workforce and tactics. This is an issue not just for BJP but also for all major political parties of our country, (with the exception of Communist Parties) where family-tree politics have dried up the step-by-step rise of able politicians.

  • Talking of a Congressman wearing the 'youth icon' leader's hat, being handsome and media-savvy, running road-stage dramas and live reality shows doesn't work. As a matter of fact for this Z-categorized individual, becoming more popular under 'Amul' tag, it's been one whip after another after another after another. Get mama to find you a woman and settle down in US or Italy. Don't even think of Amethi. Being a people's leader is a different ballgame altogether. Your numbers are DEFINITELY not working as evident by the numbers themselves: 4/243 in Bihar, 5/234 in TN and now Kerala.

  • Noone gives a damn to SNDP, NSS and those fringe groups, neither does Bishops and co matter much. My advice: Stick on to your churches, mosques, community welfare and stuff; please leave decisions as to who must rule the state to people. You don't represent me or majority of us Keralites. If you're so inclined towards knowing the 'communal angle' of proceedings, click this link >>  Communal Analysis of Kerala Elections. [link opens in new window] It's simple, despite how that author has chosen to see the numbers, we can say 45% of minority communities have approx. 45% representation in Kerala Assembly! This should make all happy,

As always, we have tall hopes when a new Govt takes stage. Wishing the UDF Govt all the best to help India's #1 state reach where we belong.