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Sunday, November 8

"Quotable" mis-quotes

A few days weeks months years back my blogger ami Spark, a.k.a Mathew committed the big mistake of passing on a tag he received to me.. My broadband is very slow, honestly, it was such a big tag that it took more than an year to reach me. If you don't believe me read this one, about a Pigeon being faster than broadband in South Africa... Well?

So it's not that I'm being lazy, blame it on Eircom. ;)  The tag was to jot down 5 of my favorite quotes from the various books I’ve read. TROUBLE! The last time I remember holding a book was during my school/ PDC days when I used to gulp down anything and everything which crossed my path. Not anymore... So with the permission of Sparkie, let me take the liberty of quoting some infamous sayings which should be etched in golden letters here in blogosphere. Ok man?

#1  Mulayam Singh Yadav in his Election Manifesto for Samajvadi Party (UP) in 2009. Newslink

The party is against English medium education and the use of computers and will work to ensure that they are curbed if a government is formed with its support. The use of computers in offices is creating unemployment problems. Our party feels that if work can be done by a person using hands there is no need to deploy machines.

I thought the Communist Party was the only archaic institution in the world holding on to Stone-age ideas and ideologies. I'm shattered to find that we have more such duds here in our country. Mulayam on one side and Mayavati on the other side, God save UP!

#2  Kerala CM Sakhavu V.S. Achuthanandan and his solution for tackling the floods in Trivandrum City.

People in the city should tolerate the floods like everyone in other parts of Kerala. Rain is nature's gift, we have to accept it with both hands.  If water comes in, then assess the situation and then get out of its way. If its flooded then find ways to drain it out. (laughing as he speaks)

You surprised by this comment? I'm not, to be frank. Our CM is capable of even worse jokes and statements, this is just a simple sample.

#3 The gathi kitta pretham and national nomad Mr. K.Muraleedharan's begging at Congress High Command's feet validates the shamelessness, spinelessness and thick-skin of our political leaders.

I would not create any more trouble and would remain a “disciplined person”. I'm ready to wait for any length of time for my return. The ground rule in the Congress is clear that anyone who accepts Sonia Gandhi as his or her leader can be part of the party. Karunakaran had to wait for five months to return to the Congress. So I am prepared to wait any length of time. I'm just requesting for a Rs.3 membership. Congress has taken back people who've abused the party much more than I did.

I remember an incident in Trivandrum Zoo where some witty lad carved out K. Karunakaran's name on the Rhinoceros cage as a testimony to the pachydermic character of the former Kerala CM who felt no prick in blasting blatant lies and turning his own opinions on its head in a matter of moments. Murali has proved without a shadow of doubt that he is indeed the worthy blood of the great leader. Rhinos beware! 

#4 AICC Media Cell Secretary Tom Vadakkan and his interpretation of Twitter in the recent Twittergate Controversy. Mr.Vadakkan was speaking on Times Now ridiculing Dr. Tharoor and his statements on Twitter.

Let me tell you something: I did a little research after you phoned me, to find out what is the basic cause for this tweet business. Some of the survey reports that I received was Tweet is a very lonely man, and he needs counselling.

This statement was the turning point in the Tharoor Twittergate. The Congress think-tanks probably stunned by this gibberish by Mr.Vadakkan quickly jumped in to seal the issue before Uncle Tom turned up with more research papers.

#5. This guy, Pastor K.A. Abraham of  Divine Deliverance Prayer Center thought it would be a good joke to interpret the Indian National Flag in his own way in front of scores of kids listening to him.

India's National flag; saffron at the top, green at bottom and white at the center. Saffron indicates bravery and sacrifice, meaning those who have the power to fight, assault and stab you. Green on the other hand stands for the verdant, fertile landscape of India, ie it belongs to people who possess money and wealth. (giggling) But the white at the center is us!! Not finished, the Ashoka Chakra, the Icon of Power is in the White. God didn't yield it to the Saffrons nor to the Greens. Also 'Ashokam' means 'devoid of sorrow', ie you have to come to White to attain freedom from sorrow, even if you are a Green or a Saffron.

PS: This video is not intended to hurt any religion, belief or individuals. 

I thought twice about posting this here but then I feel this video is a case-study of how a stupid mouth and an unwise brain can conjure to become injurious to health. Isn't there a line you shouldn't cross while preaching?

Righton, this concludes the tag. *sigh*, and I leave the tough job of picking the best to you folks. I chose to go with the SP Manifesto but the simple truth is that when it comes to grading Indian politicians and their idiocy the job gets tough.

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