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Monday, March 24

Foundations on quicksand

"The things that will destroy us are:
politics without principle;
pleasure without conscience;
wealth without work;
knowledge without character;
business without morality;
science without humanity;
and worship without sacrifice."


I've seen this quote many times in my life, on books, banks, business establishments, offices and even uttered by the lousy politicians. This is one strong message, which I feel, must be instilled into generations to inculcate values in the society.

Business without morality has been deemed as a 'social crime' by Mahatma Gandhi. The lack of conscience and ethics has led to many innocent people fall victim to the immoral business men's guiles, the latest one being actress Navya Nair.

A leading Cochin-based builder has allegedly cheated the Malayalam film actress by luring her into purchasing an apartment in one of their listless 'projects', for which they never received any approval. Since the famed actress's tears had value, it hit the newsdecks and the obscene 'homebuilders' are on the run.

But the filmstar isn't the only person swindled by these outlaws.

Obviously she is just one among the many unfortunates who invested their sweat and blood into the dream home they were promised. And the Builder in the frame are not the only blackhands in the booming real estate industry who rob their customers in broad daylight, making a mockery of the laws & enforcements.

Not long ago, a mother and son committed suicide when they discovered that their brand new apartment in Kazhakkuttam had serious leakages & structural problems. A frontline builder was sued by a Trivandrum based businessman after the builder failed to deliver the apartment on time. Almost a decade now, that building still stands unfinished (but is marked as a completed project in the company's website). Another major builder is notorious for their deviation from approved plans; as a result the units remain without Corporation numbers and ultimately with no Water or Electricity connection. The luckless inhabitants survive on Generator power and raw pumped lake water in one of the apartment buildings. They eventually end up paying the hefty fine to the authorities for the atrocity committed by the builder. A good no of builders doesn't provide the amenities they have so extravagantly described in their brochure. And about the aftercare of the apartments, the less said the better...

The shocking factor in the above cases is that the Builders in the frame are allowed to carry on their immoral tactics. Not even a lone finger has been raised by the concerned authorities. Those concerned at the Kerala Builder's Forum (KBF)came out condemning such illegal activities, but they themselves harbour the culprits. All the above mentioned 'homebuilders' (or homebreakers?) are members of KBF.

A home is every person's dream and usually takes a lifetime to realize. These fugitives have broken many a dreams and are still let loose...and they are conditioned into habitual trickery.

Navya Nair can still consider herself fortunate that she still has a chance to rebuild her dreams. But what about the hundreds of NRIs, professionals, Govt servants and traders who learned that the foundations of their dreams were built on quicksand?

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