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Wednesday, September 17

The Corporate Marxist

The Communist Party of India-Marxist appears to have developed their own unique way of industrialising Kerala: start their own business.

Thats the message I got after the seeing the inauguration of the Vismaya Amusement Park in Kannur, wholly owned and operated by the CPI(M) under the ''people's'' co-operative society named Malabar Pleasures India Ltd. Not finished, the 'peoples organisation' is now planning to construct and operate a 5 star Hotel in Calicut city!

Guess what's next?

Probably a people's airport at Kannur along with a Comrade's Airlines, people's Shopping Mall at Payyannur or may be even a people's Medical and Engeneering Colleges all around Malabar. A revolutionary idea, is it not?? And it all belong to the people, bcoz it carries the 'peoples' tag...When MY own party is going to run schools and colleges, provide jobs in its own IT Parks, Hotels and industries, operate MY own Airports, harbours and Airlines, entertain me in MY own theme parks, malls, resorts and television channels, take care of MY health in MY own hospitals and protect MY life and property with MY own red force called SFI/DYFI, why musn't I be supremely happy? Because I am the people!

Oh, and this is the place on mother Earth I want to be born, live and die...

Jokes or sarcasms apart, the respectable Commie leaders in India clearly appers to be in Ideology Crisis, and a serious one at that. Whatever the archiac doctrines drive the Comrades here, it appears to be translucent, or best described, opaque. The leaders are all at sea with regards to the policies they adopt when it comes to National matters. And the contrasts get even worse at regional levels; Kerala and West Bengal being the perpetual samples.

Recently when the West Bengal CM Mr.Bhattacharya raised his voice against the hartals and bandh, the Party was quick in condemning him, forcing him to withdraw his statements. Even a State leader isn't aware of his Party policies has created a laugh out of the CPI(M). The blah blahs of his Kerala counterpart kicked off much dust and dirt in the Party think-tanks. The recent Singur-Nandigram episodes have exposed the Party stand on their traditional support group- the labour class, and it has dawned on the public that the Party requires some serious treatment.

Treatement for the Cataract, that has clearly blinded the pompous party from seeing where they are going.

In Kerala this policy predicament has led to the common public, as always, being the casualty. The Achutanandan Govt wasted 2 long years rubbishing against the tolled National Highway development by the Central Govt. Kerala was the lone state to be left out of the NHDP due to this drivel by the State rulers. The ubiquitous hartals and bandhs are striking tha last nails in Kerala's industrial aspirations, worse, it is slowly turning the common man against the so-called people's Party. The Party is hell-bent on an never-ending and nowhere-reaching discussion on the SEZ (Special Economic Zone), forgetting that the cream of the idea has actually been derived from the successful Chinese model of Free Trade Zones. These insipid debates have commenced almost a decade after the SEZ ploicies were drafted and adopted. Over a dozen SEZ applications lay biting the dust on the Kerala Premiere's table for an year, before it was forwarded to the Central Govt.
The SEEPZ, Mumbai. India's first SEZ

The transformation of CPI(M) from a Political Party to an aspiring Corporate House raises even more questions. When Anil Ambani became the Rajya Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh the Communist spokesperson quoted that ''businessmen turning into political figures creates a dangerous precedent in the democratic set up''. So how about Political parties turning into Business Houses?

It is imperative to suggest that the Comrades are at Crossroads now. They have to abandon the age old marxist policies and move on the Chinese way. China has long discarded the original Communist doctrines and is now a Capitalist nation, extinguishing some of the evils of Marxism. The only thing that binds the Indian and Chinese comrades together is the anti-American policy.

The other way is to hold on to the crumbling pillars of the Marxist dogma and get extinct with it, as history has repeatedly exhibited in other parts of the world. As of now, once you leave the Valayar pass the chance of meeting a comrade exists only after 2000km to the north-east.

Interesting to see which way the Reds are gonna go...

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