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Monday, July 20

I'm moving...

Hi all,

I'm in the process of moving to my own domain name at

Some of the features in the present address may not be fully functional in the new domain. And I'm no tech-guru, so expect some glitches for the first few days as I'm looking at customising the site more to suit my taste. ;) So I'm going to experiment with this poor site for the next few days.

So dont be aghast if you find this site in total mess this week.. The culprit is right here.

I've added the Blogroll manually and please notify me if you find your blog absent from the list. I dont want to miss any of your posts, no...

And I dont want you to leave without any fun. Here read on... Someone stole a Police Jeep a stone throw away from my house in Trivandrum! Now thats what I call a kiduva..

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