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Saturday, April 2

Bleed Blue India!

After 28 years, the World Cup returns to India! 

We're Saffron, White and Green but tonight India will turn blue.

This is a moment to rejoice and remember for a very very long time! 

Well done, Dhoni & boys! And as for Sachin, what can one say? The long and much eluded dream of winning the World Cup for India has finally become a reality. The team played for him. The entire team played to get this one for Sachin Tendulkar.

The quote of the match has come out from the youngest of the team, Virat Kohli. Listen.

"Sachin has carried the nation on his shoulders for 22 yrs, so its time we carried him on our shoulders"

I'd give the Pulitzer to him for that. Wise.

I'm happy I have this space to record this tiny frame of time in space. This whole set of images are from various websites, ESPN Cricinfo, Cricbuzz, API used with tons of thanks :-)

Many have played this charming game over decades. But very few rise to level where their exploits transcend the sport itself. One such occasion where two living legends of the game star-cross each others path. 

"Well begun is half done", they say. As always Zaheer starts the job well for India

whereas Rambo-santh had yet another slam-bang day.

Some are destined to have a field day on the big stage

and sometimes life teaches us that fairytale scripts are only seen on Bollywood reels.

But two attributes of an individual cannot be measured using any gauge. Courage...

and determination...

When they join together, it's hard to stop.

When finally after much sweat, blood and stress the moment of redemption arrives!

Loss hurts, but grace in loss scores. But this is the "winner-takes-all" moment, nobody cares much about who came second best.

even if you're a person who may never ever be replaced in this sport.  But this is just one day in a dozen Jupiter-years where you're left feeling terribly lonely...

because TODAY belongs to someone else, whose throne in the hearts of people will be vacant for generations to come.

who has carried the hopes, prayers and wishes of a billion souls through 22 long years,

can now, finally, allow his wings to shelter the deeply valuable possessions of any human...

and can allow his proud, faithful play-mates can carry him on their shoulders to make known to the nation what had been their burning inspiration to get their hands on this acclaimed silver-ware.

Yes Sree, for once you're pointing to the right direction. He's the man! :)

As for India's Midas-man, your story is already approaching legendary proportions! It appears that Indian cricket has taken the best foot forward.

Once the scorers have marked the line under the tally, celebration time starts!
The young...

the passionates...

the arrogantly rich...
the stars...

the foolishly brave...

the ubiquitous countrymen...

the senior folks...

and the all-important ones

make sure that this is one night when we forget all our pains, struggles and differences and sing one anthem.


And the news merchants? Obviously having a group orgy. :)

Congratulations to Dhoni and men!

Match Scorecard

Images credited to
ESPN Cricinfo
IBN Live
The Hindu

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