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Monday, August 15

Independence Day Greetings!

The lady we love most is 64 today!

Still she is young, exuberant, poignant and versatile. Young, though she has a proud, priceless tradition of over a thousand years, but the aura of spiritual enlightenment still keeps in check the values she beholds when the new era surges at breakneck speed.

At 64, curiously, she exhibits the issues of an adolescent teenager than a world-wise mother. Blame it on the years preceding the 64, if you like, but past seldom solves today's issues.

At 64, the caricature is different from different angles...These snapshots if made into a collage may present us with a frozen-frame-in-time of the present day India.

with astounding cultural and traditional heritage

with the uncanny ability to spring back instantly from cruel, sleazy back-stabbings

the citizens, whose knowledge and skills are much valued at home and abroad

and whose ideas and achievements make us proud like no other

but yet can't dismantle the concretely set stereotypes of self

whose problems are much more than a handful of individuals

fuelled by an excruciatingly ineffective, uninspirational, uncharacteristic leadership

where no pillars of democracy have so far been effective in taming the menace

where solutions themselves become bigger problems

But we have faces which could hide any tears behind those radiant eyes and honest hearts

and people who could inspire millions, if not billions..and nations and continents

to keep the spirit of this nation afloat in viscous, non-buoyant waters

As long as there's HOPE left in Pandora's box, we will keep smiling

and we will rejoice that August 15th 1947 happened!


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