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Friday, December 14

Paradise lost?

Hi folks...

Welcome to my blogspace! I'm not overconfident of being able to keep the blog fed regularly, but I certainly do have the enthusiasm and drive to address the teething, and often frustrating issues related to the development and prosperity of our evergreen strip of land- Kerala. A paradise on earth in many ways, but long lost...The Dept. of Tourism has laudably marketed our state within and outside India as God's own country, and our dollar reserves have grown fatter each year, they say. But so have our debts...

An infant comes out of his mother's womb with a debt of nearly 12000 Rupees on his head. This is not the bill his parents owe the hospital, but what our political leaders have managed to achieve after 50 years of selfless service.

But are they the only ones to blame??

Kerala do project an astonishing picture of stark contrasts which is very very difficult, often impossible to understand. Where have we failed? Many of us may be able to answer the question but the most painful part is that we are adamantly refusing to learn from our mistakes. This blog will predominantly try to reflect what we are doing to our own state and where it will eventually take us..

Will our paradise be regained??

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